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Guru Review boasts that it is the worlds largest online marketplace for freelance talent. The site contains more than a hundred job categories of all business areas. Most sites focus on computer related jobs but has categories on everything that can be done by freelance contract - from computer related, legal advice, business consulting, engineering, interior design and marketing.

They do not have the typical control panel run system, I found the members area, bidding and messaging a bit confusing.

Free members have a limited access which is quite a disadvantage. You still can use the site as a free member, but if you find the service good for you and like to work a lot, better to upgrade your account. pays your earnings with Check, Bank wire or Paypal. They charge 10% commissions for free members and 5% on the two paid account types.

Positive notes:

  • huge site with a lot of projects.
  • a lot of categories covering every kind of work.
  • excellent support and help.
  • limited competition because of the limited bids on free members.
  • overall good quality of the projects posted.
  • good protection against dishonest buyers.

    Negative notes:

  • not as easy to use as the other sites.
  • high fees (10%) for free members.
  • limited payment options.
  • absolutely no information about others bids.

    There are really no guidelines to help along inexperienced freelancers, people new to the freelance world. You can not see any information on the bids that other freelancers are offering either before or after the jobs are granted. This forces you to give a fair offer but sometimes it can turn out to be a hard way to learn the ropes.

    If you create a Basic account (free), you will be allowed only 10 bids per 30 days. This option is appropriate only if you just want to try out the site or add it to your freelance site portfolio. If you like it and want to use it more, you will have to pick a paid account type.

    The first paid account type called - Guru - gives you 100 bids per 30 days, only 5% project fee and costs $30 - $100 per quarter depending on your profile category. This is the perfect account type if you want to work seriously on this site. The only advantage of paying more for the next level - Guru Vendor (costs $39 - $130 per quarter) is that you will have access to Vendor Only projects.

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